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The world's best cities to call home revealed: Geneva tops the 'liveability list'.


The list was compiled by scientists from the National University of Singapore, University of California and Curtin University in Australia. Instead of compiling a list of economic powerhouses, they created a measure of 'liveability' in major cities balancing work and social life as well as culture and sustainability. Factors taken into account include economic vibrancy and competitiveness, domestic security and stability, socio-cultural conditions, public governance, environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The top ten best cities to live

  1. Geneva
  2. Zurich
  3. Singapore
  4. Copenhagen
  5. Helsinki
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Stockholm
  8. Berlin
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Auckland

Swiss cities Geneva and Zurich are the most 'liveable' places in the world and are followed by Singapore, Copenhagen and Helsinki. New York can only manage 17th, Tokyo is at 18th and London ranks a lowly 22nd place. Moscow comes close to the bottom of the rankings at number 62 and Jakarta is the end of the list at number 64.





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