Ecusson de la République et du canton de Genève


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Our employees travel a lot on business and people come to see us, so it is convenient to have a good service to most main cities in Europe. Geneva is a perfect match for us and definitely good for the image of the company.
Antti Karava, Marketing & Communication Director, Columbia EMEA

Geneva officials have a clear commitment to promoting business. If I want, I can call a Minister and have a meeting tomorrow. That kind of access would be impossible in most other places.
Daniel Gremaud, Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Our goal is to build a close network with Swiss companies. We also want to focus on high value-added activities to embrace the excellent reputation of Swiss industry, which is also a great asset for us.
Jorge Cors, Directeur de PHASIS

Geneva is our business platform for bringing our games and services to markets across Europe. Our activity scans a deep variety of entertainment choices and national cultures, and Geneva is a good place from which to understand our consumers, trends and market behavior country by country.
Jens Uwe Intat, Senior Vice President and General Manager for EA's European Publishing

The world recognizes that Geneva is now a great place to get the best education in finance.
Patrick Odier, Senior Associate, Lombard Odier

The fact that the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is based in Geneva does affect perceptions, in that so much knowledge about intellectual property is concentrated here. And, in my experience, perceptions are very important in business decisions.
Howard R. Hull, International Partner, Ernst & Young International Tax Practice

A European headquarters needs people who understand the different European cultures. Switzerland itself is a melting pot of Germans, French and Italians.
Daniel Gremaud, Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

The only long-term option for a company like DuPont is to think sustainably, to create new ideas. Geneva has great cross-fertilization of ideas because it is culturally multi-dimensional. The Lab itself has over 40 nationalities. Our German, French and Italian customers are all happy to come here to the Center.
Simone Arizzi, Global Technology Manager, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions


Materials with novel electronic propertieswill play a major role in the development of future technologies. They present a remarkable potential for industrial applications in fields as varied as telecommunications, electronics, watch-making, imaging, energy, medicine, environment, safety and transport.
Prof. Øystein Fischer, Director and founder of MaNEP

If there is any place in the world where an innovation company could experiment and customize its offer to diverse companies, it would be here. We have always seen Geneva as a cross-industrial location.
Paul Jeremaes, Director of the HP Innovation Centres

Switzerland is a great environment for an international company, with its own four languages and a high level of English, as well as connections and affinities with the Middle East and Africa and great ties with Russia. The airport of Geneva is an asset to my lifestyle - from the office, I can be there in  20 minutes ! - and flight connections are good to all corners of our region. Caterpillar's business model has, from the beginning, been both global and local - and this office has played an important role over the years. Being in Geneva has helped us acquire local partners: some of Caterpillar's oldest dealers are in the EMEA region.
Nigel Lewis, VP EMEA of Caterpillar's Distribution Services Division


Our interest in Geneva was related to the opportunity to stay close to different European markets. From a logistical point of view, Geneva is close to Italy, Germany, France and the UK. We also knew that we could get access to qualified resources already here through cooperation with leading institutions. For example, we have hired IMD graduates and high-level technicians in electrical engineering and design with experience at CERN. Geneva is also a place where we can attract people, because it is known to have a good range of services for them and their families.
Mario Riello, EMEA Sales Director, SunPower, Utility and Power Plants Division

Geneva is a very attractive location for senior management. Mobile, cosmopolitan people like Geneva because it offers a community with attractive existing networks that they can slot into, great quality of life, and easy access to the rest of Europe.
Sebastian di Paola, Advisory Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Geneva’s central location and the fact that we can get to the airport in about 10 minutes are a plus in supporting our department. Geneva’s time zone is another advantage. By setting up in the center of Europe, we can work with Asia in the morning, all day with our EMEA zone and coordinate strategic decisions with Canada in the afternoon and evening.
Christian Joerg, Vice-President and EMEA Managing Director, Vittera

Using our life science know-how and technologies, BioAlps speeds up your access to an interdisciplinary community and an innovative business environment with all the ingredients for success.
Benoît Dubuis, President, BioAlps

The Eclosion incubator offers specialized knowledge both from the business and life sciences point of view, and an advisory board covering all the different areas from regulatory to commercialization. Our high value-added labs offer the complete infrastructure needed for early development and we have the necessary contacts and support in the region to access to specific services when required.
Jesus Martin-Garcia, Director, Eclosion

One of the reasons we have stayed here is to attract the best people. Nobody says ‘No’ to moving to Geneva.
David Rimer, Partner, Index Ventures

Our agency has 37 people, 14 nationalities and nine languages. We didn’t plan it that way; it happened naturally because Geneva is such a multinational melting pot. That’s why it’s often easier for us than for agencies in London, Paris or Berlin to come up with ideas that are powerful enough to transcend language and ethnic boundaries.
Pedro Simko, President, Saatchi & Saatchi Simko

From a practical standpoint, Geneva is an ideal base for an international company. Located in the center of Europe, it offers quality services and has an international airport just minutes away from our headquarters. Chopard exports to over 50 countries worldwide! In terms of image, Geneva is recognized as one of the most important centers of luxury watch-making.
Karl-Friedricch Scheufele, Co-President, Chopard

We have always produced here and we will stay here. We can find the people we need here in Geneva and in neighboring France. Geneva is a fantastic location.
Philippe Stern, former President, Patek Philippe

Pure science carried out at UNIGE explores new fields and tests future pathways. Applied research at hepia uses actual knowledge to propose technical solutions and improve processes.
Dr Yves Leuzinger, Director of hepia Geneva

It is helpful to be in an international city that has the infrastructure to accommodate our employees in a smooth way.
André Schneider, Managing Director & COO, World Economic Forum

Moving to Switzerland was easy – from decision to opening took about four months. It was easy to find a great location near the airport, with everything functioning as it is supposed to. Recruiting locally is also straightforward. Moving here will enable us to retain and attract leading talent and help to strengthen our position across the industry.
Per Harkjaer, CEO, United Coffee

International competition in this field is fierce and will get fiercer. The Master of Advanced Studies is specially designed for engineers already active in the fields of microtechnology, chemistry or life sciences.
Prof. Marc Jobin, founder of the post-graduate program in nanotechnology and microtechnology, hepia

Within a week, we were able to register the company, find an office space and start presenting our new solutions to various partners. The Economic Development Office provided us with reliable professional contacts who were useful for us to fully understand the market, establish our operations and be best positioned for success. The Office was also very receptive to our numerous questions regarding rules and regulations, employment laws, tax laws and more. Now we are looking forward to making the most of the networking opportunities it has to offer.
Fardad Zabetian, CEO of Media Vision

Geneva is an easy place to live and do business because so much international business is being done here. The influence of the many NGOs and the UN agencies gives a good international flavor to Geneva that, for our business, is important. All of these people tend to read The Economist.
Susan Clark, Managing Director, The Economist

Geneva has a very unique blend of different types of consumption of tourism and travel. The UN agencies and NGOs provide a steady stream, as does multinational business travel. On top of this is the seasonal leisure tourism, both in summer and winter, and certain major exhibitions like ITU Telecom and the Geneva Automobile Show.
Cyril Ranque, Senior Vice President, Lodging, Expedia

I receive alerts from the UK every week, for which we have to decide how we will react. We don’t have that problem here.
Jean-Pierre Therre, Director (EVP) and Group Chief Security Officer, Pictet & Cie

Expats are looking for a high quality of life and few places offer better than the Lake Geneva Region: top executives are ready to move here.
Stephane Garelli, Professor and Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center

Various international rankings put the School of Sciences among the top in several fields, from life sciences to physical sciences.
Jean-Marc Triscone, Dean of the University of Geneva

The reasons why P&G chose Geneva in the 1950s are still valid today. Geneva is a business-friendly base in the center of Europe - ideal for doing business with Asia or the US. And Switzerland's economic and political long-term thinking offers predictability for business decisions. Perhaps that kind of stability, given the realities of today's world, is even more valuable now than it was in the 1950s !
Frédérique Reeb-Landry, Director General Public Affairs, P&G Switzerland


Expats are looking for a high quality of life and few places offer better than the Lake Geneva Region: top executives are ready to move here.
Stephane Garelli, Professor and Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center

Addax Petroleum has been strengthening its presence in Geneva, a testimony to the attractiveness and quality of life the city has to offer.