Ecusson de la République et du canton de Genève


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Staff and work permits

Companies can easily find top performing and multilingual employees with high-level education and international experience on the local labor market. Most needs in terms of human resources are therefore met by recruiting people already established in Geneva and who are authorized to work here.

Work permits

Bringing in top-level professionals from the European Union (EU) is easy, thanks to the bilateral agreements negotiated between Switzerland and the EU. EU nationals can obtain a work permit through a simple application process. Furthermore, they can apply for a cross-border work permit, valid for five years, which allows them to live in France while working and paying taxes in Geneva.

Employment terms

Work related law is governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations. Though Swiss Law does not specify any particular form of contract, it is highly recommended that you draw a written contract for your staff members. The Geneva Welcome Center website provides detailed information on standard terms of employment with regards to matters including holidays, overtime and termination of contract.

Comparable wages

Salaries for expertise and management level positions in Switzerland are within the same range as those regarding similar positions in other European countries. Global salary costs for average level administrative positions are also comparable due to lower social security and other employer-supported costs in Switzerland. There is no official minimum wage even though for many industries, collective labour agreements prescribe a minimum wage.

“Ipsos' clients are international. Our Geneva office includes over 20 nationalities and such international expertise here is an asset.”
Juliette Sicot-Crevet, Country Manager, Ipsos