Ecusson de la République et du canton de Genève


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Service providers by type of activity

As a long-standing center for international business and trade, Geneva provides an unrivalled portfolio of support service providers who can meet the demands of the numerous multinational and local companies established in the city.

“What you see in Geneva is a range of communication services and an increasing range of service providers. For companies based in Geneva - large or small - this means being able to source communication needs in the region, which makes ongoing collaboration a lot easier. Proximity still counts for a lot.”
Patricia Goldschmid, co-founder, Geneva Communicators Network

Residential real estate

In Geneva, housing estate is managed by real estate agencies. When looking for a home, you should also check out the listings published in local newspapers (Tribune de Genève, Le Temps, Tout L'Immobilier, GHI, etc.), in addition to contacting real estate agencies.

A list of real estate companies is available on the Swiss Association of Real Estate Agents in Geneva (USPI Geneva) website.

The following websites consolidate rental and for-sale listings from real estate agents and individuals:

Commercial and industrial premises

These real estate web portals consolidate ads for commercial and industrial premises:

To obtain real estate advice for commercial premises, contact the Swiss Association of Real Estate Agents in Geneva (USPI Geneva).

Accountants, lawyers and notaries

Many well-known international accounting and auditing firms have an office in Geneva, as well as many law firms and notaries working with an international clientele.
For more information and contact details regarding law, accountancy or notary firms in Geneva, please contact the following offices.

  • For lawyers:

Permanence de l'Ordre des avocats
13 rue Verdaine
1204 Geneva
Phone: + 41 22 310 24 11

  • For accountants:

Ordre Genevois de la Chambre Fiduciaire
c/o FER Fédération des Entreprises Romandes
98 rue de Saint-Jean
P.O. Box 5278
1211 Geneva 11
Phone: +41 22 715 32 20

Union Suisse des Fiduciaires
Section Genève
c/o FER Fédération des Entreprises Romandes
98 rue de Saint-Jean
P.O. Box 5278
1211 Geneva 11
Phone: + 41 22 715 32 07

  • For notaries:

Chambre des notaires de Genève
Permanence de la Chambre des notaires
rue Verdaine 13
1204 Geneva
Phone: +41 22 781 08 28

Relocation & logistics

Geneva is home to many agencies specialized in helping firms and organizations to relocate to Geneva. They provide valuable support to employees with regards to moving and settling down in a new location. To find relocation specialists in Geneva, please contact the following associations:


An unusual human resource available – free of charge – to companies in Geneva is the Cantonal Employment Office. With over 10,000 job-seeker resumes on file, the Employment Office can help identify candidates with the right skills, and offers financial support for training. Services are provided in French and in English. In some cases, the employment office will even cover 50% of the first year’s salary.

Dual career opportunities

Geneva and its region offer ample job opportunities for accompanying spouses of expatriates. There are a number of networks and services available to support dual career couples.

International schools

There are over 40 private schools in Geneva (, with courses of study suited to the most demanding personal requirements and future aspirations. Five of these offer an international curriculum (International Baccalaureate). Like most other major business locations, Geneva is endowed with a large choice of international schools.

Domiciliation / Business centers

In a hurry to set up your company? Geneva offers several types of high quality business centers at your service! These providers meet your every need, from qualified personnel to business support, office space and IT, thereby enabling you to be immediately operational with optimum flexibility.

For further information, please visit Coworking Switzerland, the coworking national association website.


There are over two hundred banks, foreign-owned banks and financial institutions in Geneva. The importance of Geneva's dynamic financial center is reflected in the density and diversity of companies involved in the sector, which include banks, financial companies, accounting and auditing firms, brokers, independent asset managers, notaries and lawyers.

To learn more about financial institutions in Geneva, please visit the Geneva Financial Center

Welcome services to newcomers

The Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI) was established in 1996 by the Swiss Federal Government and the Canton of Geneva, with the support of national and local entities, both public and private. Its aim is to help  families and employees of international organizations, diplomatic missions, consulates, NGOs and multinational corporations settle down in the Geneva region.

The Geneva Welcome Center provides practical information to help newcomers settling in and directs them towards the government offices in charge of family life, health, education, safety, telecommunications, work, tourism, culture and leisure.

The Geneva Welcome Center organizes regular “afterworks” in order to bridge the gap between “international Geneva” and the local community. The venues for these events include various interesting landmarks in the city so as to familiarize newcomers with local customs and inform them about ongoing cultural or leisure activities. The 'afterworks' also take place at La Pastorale (the CAGI’s headquarters) for theme-based evening receptions, held in the office or its gardens