Ecusson de la République et du canton de Genève


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Finding business premises

Each new company has its own business requirements, which will help determine on what parameters it must focus in order to choose the ideal location.

Parameters to be considered

  • Use of premises

Geneva offers a wide range of manufacturing, warehousing, research and development laboratory facilities as well as business office space suitable for any type of activity and for any size operation.

  • Staff mobility

Proximity to the airport, to the train station or the highway system is an important parameter. Due to its compact size and to its excellent transport infrastructure, Geneva provides a variety of possible business locations.

  • Proximity with customers or suppliers

With some 140 multinationals already established in Geneva, a company can easily choose to locate its premises close to its main customers or suppliers.

  • Current and future surface requirements

Identifying its present and future needs from the incept will help a company to chose the ideal premises, allowing for future expansion.

  • Commuting distances

Geneva’s compact size and easy access help reduce commuting distances. However, a company should take into consideration which bank of the lake is the most convenient for its employees.

  • Collaborating with universities, research institutions or international organizations

Geneva has a wealth of institutions active in R&D and specializing in global management. Identifying which of these organisations you want to work with and where they are located will help you decide upon the ideal spot for your future business.

  • Proximity to a specific cluster such as medical technologies, plastics or the packaging industry

Specific industries tend to congregate in distinct geographical zones in Geneva; for instance the watch-making business is located in the Plan-les-Ouates industrial area. The Directorate General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation can readily advise you on the most suitable cluster for your future company.

The FTI, one-stop-shop for industrial space in Geneva

If your company is interested in manufacturing in Geneva, you may want to contact the FTI (Industrial Estate Foundation of Geneva). The FTI seeks to put Geneva’s available industrial space to best use, by associating companies and sectors in the most optimal manner.

What the FTI has to offer:

  • Direct access to 63% (more than 5 million square meters) of the canton’s potential industrial sites clustered in 11 industrial zones
  • A B2B interactive data base listing sites and buildings located in the industrial areas
  • A single contact point for information and negotiations
  • Favourable terms on which to rent out land, buildings or premises at competitive prices; long-term leases that free up your company’s investment capital

Some useful links to start your research:

Web portals for sales and rentals of commercial real estate: