Ecusson de la République et du canton de Genève


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Our services

With extensive knowledge of Geneva and its people, the staff of the Geneva Economic Development Office are on hand to answer any question and guide you through any unfamiliar situation – upon your arrival and for as long as you decide to reside here!

"Navigating connections is not always simple in a new country. The Economic Development Office team connected us to relocation companies and to the right departments in the cantonal and federal governments.”

Cyril Ranque, SeniorVice President, Lodging, Expedia

  • Consulting
  • Facilitation of contacts
  • Installation assistance
  • Work permits and staff search


The Economic Development Office's extensive experience will enable you to set up your business on solid grounds. It will accompany you through the differents steps of establishing and developping your company in the region.

  • Project development
  • Preparing a comprehensive and ambitious business plan
  • Choosing the adequate legal form of business and registering your company
  • Research and analysis
  • Advice with regards to taxation matters

The Economic and Development Office offers personalised assistance for each relocation project in the Geneva region. We carefully review your project, then work hand in hand with the best local advisors to meet your needs.

Our support includes helping to obtain work permits, finding the most advantageous tax conditions, hunting down industrial or office space, setting up contacts with banks and other services. Red tape is cut to a minimum, so as to ensure your company is up and running in the timeliest manner.

Facilitation of contacts

The Economic Development Office has widely established network of contacts within the state and city government, among industry and research facilities as well as the vast range of service companies. Let us assist you in determining how to make the most of Geneva as your new business base. We are best positioned to help you build up your own network within our region.

Installation assistance

Each new business project is a unique opportunity – both for the entrepreneur and for Geneva! The Economic Development Office provides customized services for each project, offering practical support at various levels:

  • Recommending specialists in matters related to the local economy
  • Identifying suitable industrial or office space
  • Advising on work permits
  • Setting up contacts with banks and other services

Work permits and staff search

People are what makes a company. While you will be able to find many of the employees you need locally, we are aware how important it is to bring in key staff. This is why the government of Geneva has streamlined procedures to obtain work permits for top-level expatriate professionals. If you are thinking of setting up a major business in Geneva, please contact us so that we may review your needs.

We can also assist you in helping your staff and their families in Geneva, by providing seasoned, practical advice about schools, housing, leisure activities and all other issues that contribute to settling down successfully in Geneva.