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Linkage Biosciences Opens European Subsidiary


SAN FRANCISCO, California - April 16, 2015 ─ Linkage Biosciences announced the
launch of a wholly owned European subsidiary located in Geneva, Switzerland. The
launch reflects the company’s rapid growth and increasing global demand for LinkSēq™,
the world’s fastest and simplest method of molecular tissue typing, allowing the
identification of all classical Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genes in a single test.
“Linkage is seeing great success with adoption of LinkSēq by numerous laboratories
throughout Europe,” said Linkage Biosciences’ CEO Zachary Antovich. “Our new Swiss
operations will extend our global reach and provide superior support and service to
customers across the region.”
Linkage’s new office is set within Fongit, one of Geneva’s leading technology clusters,
supporting innovative companies in Medtech, IT, and Cleantech industries. Mr. Pierre
Maudet, former Mayor of Geneva and now State Councilor in charge of the Department
of Security and Economy for the State of Geneva said, “We are delighted Linkage
Biosciences has chosen to locate in Switzerland and specifically the Geneva and BioAlps
life sciences community. Geneva offers a central location, strong life sciences network,
and many benefits to support the growth and adoption of Linkage’s exciting technology.”
News Release
The new subsidiary gives Linkage a dedicated presence in the heart of Europe and will
support its on-going commercialization efforts as well as provide a foundation for future

About Linkages Biosciences
Linkage Biosciences is a molecular diagnostics company developing and marketing
products that dramatically improve and expedite complex genetic testing. LinkSēq is the
company’s Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) testing product line. HLA testing, also
known as tissue typing, is used in solid organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
as well as pharmacogenomic and autoimmune disease testing. LinkSēq is the world’s
fastest and simplest method, covering over 12,000 HLA alleles in a single test. LinkSēq
technology utilizes a proprietary assay methodology including reagents and software in
combination with standard Real-Time PCR hardware to simplify the determination of
complex genetic sequences. The company’s US operations are located in South San
Francisco, California. To learn more please visit

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