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Geneva welcomes the first agreement between digital companies aimed at strengthening


More than 30 renowned companies, such as HP, Intel, Oracle, Facebook, Microsoft and ABB have just signed the "Tech Accord". For the first time in history, the private sector is committed to defending Internet users. Governments are called upon to support and strengthen their approach.

The State of Geneva welcomes the collaboration agreement signed between more than thirty information technology companies with the aim of protecting their customers and webusers against cyber threats. This agreement, made public last week in San Francisco, brings together a large number of leading companies such as Facebook, HP, Intel, Oracle and ABB (a complete list is available on the agreement's website), behind the idea of greater cooperation between industry players, in order to help each other close the gaps in the systems rather than exploit them.

Mr. Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, had campaigned in 2017 for new IT security standards, calling for the creation of a "Geneva Digital Convention". He called on all digital stakeholders, from individual users and businesses to public administrations and governments, to be more responsible. He presented his vision for improved cyber security at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on 9 November 2017.


State Councillor Pierre Maudet had launched the Geneva Digital Talks a month earlier, with a view to bringing together all Geneva's players, from members of Geneva International to local entrepreneurs, around a dialogue aimed at strengthening cybersecurity on a global scale. For the Department of Security and Economic Affairs magistrate, the agreement published in California responds to governments' demand for information technology companies to assume their responsibilities.

"We see today that it is possible, for a large number of companies competing on the markets, to find a way to get along and act together for the benefit of greater security for the greatest number," notes Pierre Maudet. "We see that the volume and size of cyber attacks will continue to grow. The problem of cybercrime concerns every Internet user, without exception. It is now time for governments to respond to this call from the private sector, with substantive work to enforce standards that protect users. This without affecting the economic value of a free, open and accessible Internet for all," he stresses.

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Mr Dejan Nikolic, Deputy Directorate-General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation, DSE, T. +41 22 388 31 63 or +41 79 416 84 10.

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