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Geneva, the sustainable finance laboratory


10 finance innovations : A book to stimulate finance innovation in Geneva.

On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, Sustainable Finance Geneva wished to showcase the work of financial pioneers and present ten emblematic innovations that demonstrate our region’s creativity in this field. Looking back to the origins of the sustainable finance movement, often in the words of the pioneers themselves, and examining the developments in the market and its future prospects, the book provides points of reference for our Geneva’s potential in sustainable finance. Convinced that “innovation feeds innovation”, SFG hopes this publication will inspire new entrepreneurial initiatives in this line of business.

The Lake Geneva region presents a unique ecosystem that makes this region a sustainable financial laboratory unique in the world. It has acted as a testing ground for many of these major innovations, which have often gone on to spread worldwide.
Although these initiatives are not all "world firsts", they share a common factor in that they have benefited from Geneva's unique ecosystem, which brings together a leading financial center and a network of international organizations. In addition, Geneva shares Switzerland's spirit of innovation, which has been recognized in global rankings.

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