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Essent Trading inaugurates Geneva office


The company has chosen Geneva to execute its Merchant trading activities The international and high quality environment that the canton offers played an important role in the selection of the location for the future growth of the business. Essent Trading represents an asset for Geneva, a capital of European trade and finance.

Essent Trading is the trading company of Essent NV, the largest energy company in the Netherlands and a Dutch energy conglomerate specialising mainly in generation, trading and distribution of energy and energy related products.

Essent Trading launched its Merchant trading strategy in 2006 and the opening of the Geneva office is an important step in the implementation and execution of this strategy. The Geneva-based trading business activities started the first phase of their activities under the name Essent Trading International SA in March 2007. The official opening of the Essent Trading International office in the financial city centre of Geneva (12-14 Glacis de Rive) is taking place today, with the presence of numerous professionals from the trading and financial community.

Paymon Aliabadi, CEO of Essent Trading, believes that Geneva is ideally suited to meet the company’s long term strategic objectives. "The canton was chosen as the preferred location for Essent’s expanded merchant trading activities because it offers an excellent environment for business”.

Pierre-François Unger, Geneva's Minister of Economy and Health, emphasised that "the location chosen by Essent Trading reinforces Geneva’s position as a renowned trading centre. There is no doubt that this high added value and reputable company will find favourable operating conditions in Geneva. The presence of numerous trading and specialised service companies, and the high-density network maintained by the Geneva Trading and Shipping Association, offer a very positive environment in which the company can develop."

Geneva’s Economic Development Office has actively supported Essent Trading in the process of setting up business, helping with numerous administrative procedures and meetings with a variety of key business contacts. “The Office has helped Essent Trading with the necessary steps to be taken locally, such as finding offices and setting up links with associations and companies active in the trading domain. We also introduced the company to local authorities, in order to facilitate their establishment in Geneva and to make their business operational within the planned schedule", stated Pierre Jaquier, Head of the canton’s Economic Development Office.

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