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Free trade agreement Swiss-China : the companies expactations

Gonet Conseils Finances S.A., Rue Général-Dufour 5, 1204 Genève, Forum 99
12h15 - 14h00

After three years of negotiations, Switzerland and China signed a free trade agreement on July, 6. China is the Switzerland's most important business in Asia, with a trade volume of 18.12 billion CHF in 2012. It represents the third largest trading partner of the country, just behind the EU and the United States.

The free trade agreements aim to improving the framework for economic relations between Switzerland and its main business partners, in particular in terms of access to foreign markets. A better access to foreign markets is of strategic importance to the economy of a country such as Switzerland that has no raw materials and must rely on exports for its value creation.

The conference and the ensuing debate (in french) aim to discuss mutual expectations of partners in the negotiation of the agreement with the second largest economy , the steps of its implementation and the expected effects on Swiss economy.

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