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2013 Open Knowledge Conference : Open data - Broad, Deep Connected

16/09/2013 to 18/09/2013
Geneva CICG (Centre International de Conférences Genève)

The world’s leading open data and open knowledge event, OKCon is the latest in an annual series run since 2005. Last year’s installment in Helsinki had more than 1000 participants from over 50 countries and was the largest event of its kind to date.

OKCon will explore how open data is not only expanding geographically but also touching new sectors and new areas. It will focus on how we can coordinate and strengthen public policy around the world to support a truly global and interconnected ecosystem of open data. How should governments and international institutions such as the UN react to these changes ? How should business take advantage of new opportunities and contribute to the open data economy ? How do citizens and civil society organizations turn data into accountability and into change ?

The event is jointly organized by the Open Knowledge Foundation and Open Knowledge Foundation Switzerland with the support of the Swiss Government, the State of Geneva and with Lift Events as the organizing partner.